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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Story

I have been thinking a lot about everything that has happened in the last week. Wow it has been a whirlwind filled with so much love and support, and I feel so blessed.
Its not everyday that MTV films your story, and strangers (who have changed your life) come to support you. With all that said I want you to remember something... You're story is just as important! I have heard from so many of you, and I say this from the bottom of my heart, your stories have touched my heart. You all have so much courage to tell a complete stranger what you've been through. I want you to know I will do all I can to continue to encourage you to share. That's kinda what I thought this note could be. Please remember I am not a professional and my goal will always be to point you in the right direction, but I am also here to listen, you deserve to be heard!

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