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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey Guess What!!?!?!?!

Hey everyone!
So next weekend is my Birthday and I have been thinking a lot about what I want to to celebrate... I really want to give back. I have been given so much over the past year and I feel that it is time to give back some of what I have been given. Here is the problem I am not sure what to do, and I need your help!
I have tried to do contests in the past to help bring awareness to certain topics and well honestly they pretty much were a bust. And I am not very good at straight up asking for money ha so my idea is to find a way to make both of them work.

What is something worth while that I can offer, and in the same breath a way we can raise money for To Write Love On Her Arms?

I REALLY need your help on this one, you post your ideas here or check out my page that has all the ways to contact me!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Insight Into One Aspect Of My Continuous Recovery

I was in a training today for a NAMI Class I will teach in the future and we were talking about different things and different aspects of recovery and I had a unique perspective of currently continuing my recovery, many in the class were family members of a person with a Mental Illness.

It is not debatable fact that cutting is a wrong way to deal with an underlying emotion or inner battle. The way I was battling this fact was trying to stop or erase this inner need to find an outlet for my intense emotions and feelings of needing a release. I found myself in a cycle, I would feel the emotions and intensity and try to just tell myself to be rid of it, or if I tried harder to control my emotions it would solve my problem. I found that for myself it was impossible to make them stop, and so I fell back on the only coping mechanism I knew, and more importantly, ever accepted as a solution; cutting.

What I have learned is that it's not about trying to rid yourself of those emotions but instead finding another way to channel and release the emotions I so intensely store up. I have found for myself that writing has been a pivotal component of my continuing recovery. I am able to release my true and genuine emotions, it is a healthy expression, and in some cases is able to bring insight and awareness to the mind of someone who lives with Borderline Personality Disorder.

*Note: I always like to make sure I make this as clear as possible, I am not a Doctor and all the above is based purely on my personal experience and I always encourage speaking to a Professional*

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Exciting News!

Hey I know I just posted a blog but I was so excited about finally getting around to doing this that I couldn't wait!
Disclaimer: I have been sick and haven't slept in a few days, and I filmed it with my Blackberry... and my hand got tired haha!
Hope you enjoy and I really need your input so I hope to hear from you soon!
P.S. Of all the images YouTube.. This one... Really?! ha

Who Are You To Say?

I went to see "The Help" with my mom on Thursday and I was sitting in the theater watching a story I had read so many times in the History books come to life. The words I would read in text books could not and do not do justice to the struggles that the African American culture went through during that time.
I know what you are thinking... Lexie we are on summer break what's up with the History lesson?
My question to you though is... Is it History? From my understanding of History it is defined by something that has passed... is this kind of hate really in our past? No matter the type of skin God gave you, or the culture you come from there is no reason for down right straight up hate. I see it in our everyday life as a culture... whether it be based on religion, race, cultural background, sexual orientation it's in everyday life.
But here's my question... Who are you to say?
Who are you to say what is right or wrong? Especially when you are basing your answer off the color of someone's skin... Or where they came from.
So here is my challenge to you, silence the voices that think they are some how superior to someone else because they have a different skin color, or where they came from. You don't have to agree with their choices but you damn well have to be respectful to them... I can say that with such assurance because they are a human being. Period. End of sentence.
Let's stop the hate speech now

Friday, August 12, 2011