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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forget The Cameras

It took 30 mins to tell a producer my story. About 5 seconds to recognize Ben's voice in his message and have a private (thank goodness) freak out session. But it only took a matter of minutes to realize my life was about to change. Put aside all the glamour of being on TV that's not how my life changed strangers coming into my life and telling me my story had worth and deserved to be told. That's what changed me, and that's how you can change someone's life. Ben didn't inspire me and affect my life because we were in front of a camera, in fact the moment that really changed me was off camera. Not too many people know this but I gave Ben the last box cutter I had, and I haven't picked one up ever since. I was able to do that because his believing in me helped me believe in myself and I found I didn't have a purpose for the blade anymore, but he helped me find a purpose for my pain. That purpose is to share my story in hopes that others won't have to go through their struggles whatever they may be thinking they are alone. And to bring light to a dark and scary subject in hopes that one day the darkness will no longer have a place to hide. This drive and purpose did not come from being on TV but from a stranger who is now a friend. You can be that inspiration for someone else... The question is are you willing?

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